Sport Pylon Air Races or (SPAR) was formed to quench the thirst for more Air Racing here in the United States. The (SPAR) CIRCUIT will be somewhat like other races, only in the regards that it will be a single aircraft being timed through a closed course, but that’s where the similarity ends.
These Lycoming fuel injected electronic ignition, 600 lb., 125 horsepower Sport Planes will explode through a series of twists and turns, around these exciting obstacles we call “Pylons”. These are real LSA Sport Planes.  All the planes are set up to be completely stock and completely equal in every respect. SPAR is designed so that no pilot has the advantage of a superior aircraft over another pilot. Much like the “IROC” auto races in the 80’s and 90’s. Every possible step has been taken to make it a truly “PILOT vs. PILOT” race..

The Broken Wing Project is dedicated to helping the USA's injured veterans achieve the dream of flight with Fully Equipped Paraplegic Aircraft.

Air Racing Shows are must see events both here and in Europe. Most shows pre-sell thousands of tickets and it’s quickly becoming the “new NASCAR”.

A unbelievable opportunity to sponsor a major outdoor venue that draws thousands of visitors and millions in revenue. 
Coors is example only and is not yet a sponsor.


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~ Skip Stewart
~ Kyle Franklin
~ Melissa Pemberton
~ Bob Mills
~ Jeff Shatterly
~ Gary Middlebrooks
~ Kevin Coleman
~ Brett Schultz
~ Danny Bond
~ Jason Newburg
~ Karl Grove
~ Steve Senegal
~ Adam ( Shake and Bake) Baker
~ Joe ”Rifle” Shatterly  ( A-10 Pilot)
~ Captain “Benny” Benham  (F-14
   Miramar  Instructor, Retired)
~ David Meyers of the Vanguard Squadron